A Treehouse Adventure Playground

on 10th August 2016

Every so often, a really interesting project comes along, that we all fight over, and everyone wants to be involved. Just recently, one of these projects came round. We have a customer near Marlow who contacts us every year with a new landscaping project. So far, we have laid a travertine patio, erected a cedar picket fence, built them a spectacular garden building called a lapa and laid a beautiful cobbled driveway.

All of these were interesting projects, but all possibly topped by the treehouse adventure playground we have just completed. Tim, Pete, Mark Perry, Jack Baker, and to a lesser extent, Mark Pateman (mainly standing around on his phone), were the guys lucky enough to be putting this project together.

The brief was to build two raised platforms around two Yew trees with a slide, cargo net, climbing rope, and a treehouse, all connected with a rope bridge. Basically, every kid’s dream!

treehouse and climbing frame in marlow

Initially, there was a reasonable amount of clearing to do to prepare the area, and then the big 6”x6” timber posts were concreted into the ground at specific points around the two trees. The platforms were constructed from pressure treated softwood decking, supported by 6”x2” pressure treated joists. Half round rails were then fitted around each platform.

Rope Bridge on Adventure Treehouse Marlow

Once each platform was constructed, it was a case of fixing the rope bridge, attaching the slide and cargo net, and ladder.

The treehouse was constructed from 6in pressure treated cladding and the roof from cedar shingles. Finally, all edges and corners were sanded and planed to give a smooth finish.

A granite set border was concreted in and filled in with play bark.

Hope to be building a roller coaster next time….

Treehouse in Marlow

If you’d like to build your own crow’s nest, tree-house, den or playground in your back garden call Thames Valley Landscapes for help getting your adventure started.  Call us on 01628 629720.

A Treehouse Adventure Playground

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