Multi-level landscaping in Marlow: Design and build

on 23rd June 2015

This blog describes and shows with photos, a project from Spring 2015, where we transformed a sloping garden to a multi levelled garden:

Apart from the centre, most of Marlow is on a hillside, hence the gardens are sloped. We were asked to design a garden using terraces that would fit with the high end finish of the house and to maximise the space of the garden without compromising on style. Options were using sleepers, block and brickwork. Installing terracing can be very linear so we were conscious that adding curves and circles would be important to break this up.


With limited access, we had to use only a 3/4 tonne digger to start layering the garden. Stage 2 was to concrete in the supports for the 240 oak sleepers to attach to.


Stage 3 – after the terracing had been completed it was time to shift in over 20 tonnes of grade A topsoil. Luckily we have enough fit and strong landscape gardeners to move this in a day or 2 even though it all had to be wheelbarrow’d by hand down a number of steps and through a narrow side access.


The final stages of the project were to lay quality turf from a local supplier in Windsor and then one of my favourite tasks in landscape gardening, is planting.

Plants we used included:

  • acer,
  • penstemon,
  • miscanthus,
  • deutiza,
  • roses
  • espalier fruit trees.

Project completed within the the 4 weeks that we had allowed. Both us and customer were very pleased with the results.


Multi-level landscaping in Marlow: Design and build

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