In the Night Garden

on 22nd March 2018

Are you someone who works on your garden all year-round only to head on inside the house once the sun goes down?

If so, then you may already be pondering over some garden lighting ideas that will help keep you outdoors for longer.

Thankfully, the benefits of installing outdoor lighting reach far beyond simply buying a few more hours outside in which to work.

Here are some other ways you stand to gain if you decide to install garden lighting this year:

Quality time with friends and family

What does spending more time with friends and family outdoors this spring and summer mean to you? A garden that’s adorned with welcoming, ambient lighting will help you ‘set the scene’ well into the evening so you can relax and entertain your loved ones long after the sun has disappeared.

If you are planning a celebration, then simply lighting up your decking or patio area will instantly increase your party space so you can invite over more people, more often to dance the night away.

Outdoor enjoyment any season

It’s usually after hours that most people take the chance to sit down and enjoy their well-tended garden – whether that’s from the warmth of their patio in the fading summer sun or from behind their bi-fold doors during the colder winter months.

With a beautifully lit garden, you will be able to sit back and admire your most treasured features, plants and possessions all year round and appreciate the subtleties of the changing seasons and elements in comfort.

night scene of modern building near pond at night

Greater security

The benefits of installing garden lighting extend beyond the sensory effects of a well-placed spotlight or lantern.

Illuminating the darkest corners of your garden doesn’t just look pretty, it can ward off any potential trespassers. Just a single motion-sensored spotlight could be all you need to put off even the most determined of characters and will give you added peace of mind.

Better safety for you and your visitors

Furthermore, lighting up your driveway, boundaries and front entrance will help you and visitors avert the risk of trips, slips and falls. Laying a safer, illuminated and more welcoming pathway to your abode will also give visitors a positive impression of your household and its owners.

Garden Lighting Ideas

There’s obviously so much to gain from installing outdoor lighting in your garden. If you’re considering installing garden lighting, then it’s important to know your options.

Here are some further ideas and tips:


Spotlights highlight features and banish dark corners and make a focal point of a specific tree or feature. Point them into the corners of your garden to give it a sense of proportion, space and scope. Use coloured bulbs for extra drama.

garden lighting highlighting plants at edge of pond

String lights

It’s hard to beat the festivities of stringed lights. From soft glow Moroccan’ style basket lights that’ll help you wind down to glitzy glitter ball lights that’ll help you live it up, drape them within the branches of your favourite plants or hang them merrily along your garden fence. Perfect for garden glamour.

fairy lights strung through trees

LED’s and stake-lights

LED lights can be studded along the edges of your decking, steps or pathways for safety.  Alternatively, stake-lights are easily pushed into softer ground alongside borders and edges. They’re not only a good precautionary measure, they look great too.

LED lights sunk into decking

Lanterns and wall lights

Nothing makes an entrance like a stylish front door. Installing wall lights either side of it makes a great first impression with your home and will illuminate your house name or number for all to see.

Motion sensor floodlights

For security and peace of mind fix a motion sensor floodlight onto an external wall. Remember light containment – its trajectory should be confined to within your boundary to avoid any neighbourly disputes.

Solar garden lighting

When you research garden lighting ideas, you’ll quickly come across solar lighting products. Affordable and convenient, solar lights are powered by the sun and are designed to work ‘out-of-the-box’. It’s little wonder solar lights are such a popular choice for many.

However, solar lights tend to glow rather than shine, and on dull days and in winter may not work at all. Solar lights are great for illuminating hard to reach places on a summer’s evening and provide an extra lighting source in addition to – rather than instead of – a mains powered system.

Garden lighting – a must have for modern homeowners.

Whether you want to spend more time outside or improve your peace of mind by banishing the dark shadows surrounding your home, garden lighting certainly provides the key to significantly enhancing the style and safety of your home.

If you’d like to discuss how to incorporate garden lighting into your landscaping plans, then call us at Thames Valley Landscapes. We’ll show you how simple it can be to turn your garden lighting aspirations into a dazzling and practical reality.

In the Night Garden

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