Why Every Garden Needs A Water Feature

on 17th March 2017

There are lots of excuses people find for not having a water feature, thinking it will cost too much, that it will reduce the usable space of their garden, or that they’ll have to spend hours a week tending to it. Granted, a water feature the size of the Trevi fountain will eat up your time, money and space.  But for many the addition of a water feature whose size is in proportion to their garden end up with a structure that enriches their outside space in many ways.

A Wide Choice of Design

Water features can be made in a plethora of designs using different materials that combine to stunning effect. Whether you decide to buy one off the shelf, or decide to build one yourself, the ways in which you can combine materials, pumps and fountains allow you to bring a special new feature to your garden.

When choosing, it is important to consider the colour, texture, size and shape of any components you include in your water feature if you want it sit naturally within your garden.

A Natural Habitat for Wildlife

Having a water feature that incorporates a pond provides opportunity for keeping fish and adding another point of interest to your garden. Koi carp look especially good in larger ponds, whilst a few gold fish in smaller ponds bring life to smaller features. If you do decide to install a water feature that is also intended for fish, you need to be aware that to look after them they’ll need clean water, pond plants, algae and fish food.

As well as the pond residents you introduce, your water feature will also support your local wildlife.  Frogs and toads may decide to move in and make your garden their home (great for keeping slugs under control).  Whilst birds will find it a ready source of water throughout the year.

Pond Plants Add To Your Planting Scheme

Water features look great on their own, but adding plants can provide a much needed finishing touch. A wide range of water based plants are available that can be chosen to suit any sized water feature and create a stunning new addition to your garden scheme. Just a handful of pond plants available include water lilies, lotus flowers, iris, cannas and many more.

Tranquillity & Peace

Water has traditionally been used in therapies to sooth the soul. Indeed many people choose to live in areas near the ocean, mountain, rivers, and streams because of the calming nature of water.  Adding a water feature brings this same tranquillity straight into your garden which can also help mask nearby noise and create a peaceful atmosphere in which to relax. Picture the scene, it is a hot summers evening and the sun is setting. You’re sat in your garden with your favourite book, and the only other sound is the soft babbling of the fountain at the end of your garden. Sounds pretty perfect to us.

Easy To Maintain

Cleaning a water feature is a relatively easy job that you can undertake yourself. The main consideration is that there are many components to a water feature that all need to be individually cleaned.  This helps prevent algae build up, which can block pipes to fountains and other features.

Before starting the cleaning process it is important to safely remove and temporarily re-home any wildlife as it is likely that you’ll have to drain your feature to ensure a proper clean.

Water features are one of the best additions you can make to your garden, adding a sense of   peace and tranquillity to any space. If you’re thinking of adding a water feature to your garden and would like to know more about how to incorporate it into your scheme, please feel free to contact Thames Valley Landscapes on 01628 629720.

Why Every Garden Needs A Water Feature

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