Five things you’ll get from a BALI registered landscaper

on 26th November 2018

We’re under no illusion: It’s not that hard to find a landscape gardener in the Thames Valley region. A quick look online will present you with plenty of companies offering everything from basic gardening services to grounds design and architecture.

But finding a reliable and customer-centric landscaper can be another ball game altogether. How can you tell if a company is really up to the job you have in mind?

BALI registered landscapers in the Thames Valley.

Looking for a BALI registered landscape gardening company is often the best place to start if you want to get your landscaping or gardening project off the ground  with confidence – even if it whittles down your list of suppliers somewhat!

BALI stands for The British Association of Landscape Industries and the organisation works to maintain standards in the gardening and landscaping field.  

There are many reasons to hire one of its members. Here are just five for you to consider:

1. The ‘seal of approval’ saves you time.

A BALI registered landscaper is vetted and approved by the association so you won’t have to go through the rigmarole of requesting multiple quotes and checking for references.

Once a company has earned membership, you can go ahead and hire them with the knowledge that they are able to deliver what they promise at a fair price. That’s a weight off your mind!

2. A trained, friendly team means greater value.

Professional development is a big deal at BALI and the association expects all of their members to train staff and adhere to the particular competencies of the industry. The result of this is that safety is maintained and applied.

This means the team you hire will be fully competent and productive. Furthermore, a strict code of conduct ensures impeccable behaviour is carried out on site at all times.

Increased knowledge and great customer service combine to reduce stress and give you greater value from your investment. What’s not to like?

3. A focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility translates to peace of mind.

All BALI members are called upon to operate in an environmentally ethically and commercially sustainable manner.

You won’t have to worry about the harmful effects of soil or water contamination caused by toxic compounds or chemical pollutants. You won’t need to think about subsidence caused by water displacement. In a nutshell, your home, garden and the natural environment will be in safer hands when you seek out BALI registered landscape gardeners.     

4. Intervention from the association gives you protection should things go wrong.

As with all things in life, we have to be prepared for the fact that sometimes things don’t always go according to plan.

Thankfully, BALI is there to act as an intermediary between both parties should any disputes occur about the work or service provided. The team will work hard to reach a resolution over any issues or concerns and you will be fairly advised and represented.

5. Membership proves a level of commitment that shouldn’t be ignored.

Finally, it’s worth saying that it’s not easy for companies in the landscaping or gardening industries to earn BALI accreditation.

For the paying customer, that’s a really good thing.

Companies that are willing to invest the time and money it takes to become a fully-fledged BALI member are demonstrating their commitment and dedication to their trade and their customers.

BALI membership is not just a process – it’s a revelation. It tells us something about the true culture of the company, the attitude of the management and the abilities of the team. 

You – as a client – can feel reassured that you will be dealing with a decent, reliable and quality driven partner who has your best interests at heart. 

Hiring a BALI registered member

From the professional excellence, value for money and outstanding customer service they bring, it really pays to seek out and hire a BALI registered landscaper.

Just visit the BALI website to find a list of suppliers in your area. Or, if you are in the Thames Valley, then look no further.  Just give Thames Valley Landscapes a call. We’ve been BALI members for many years and are at hand to transform your outdoor space today.  

Five things you’ll get from a BALI registered landscaper

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