September: Tip of the Month

on 7th September 2015


-Mow less frequently, and raise the height of cut as the growth rate of the grass slows down. This will help the lawn to withstand the last of the warm, dry weather, and also keep it resistant to treading as the wet weather arrives.

-This is an ideal time of year to create new lawns from turf or seed.

-Rectify summer damage by repairing a patchy lawn with turf or seed.

-This month is your last chance to use a lawn weedkillers to control perennial weeds such as daises and buttercups.

-Clear dead leaves promptly once they start to fall, as rotting leaves can be a source of disease in the garden. They are, however, useful on the compost heap and can be shredded first with a shredder or mulching mower, to help them break down quicker.

September: Tip of the Month

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