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A new usable space that’s exactly how you want it.

Each of our garden rooms is designed and built to order so you are in control of exactly how you want to it to look and function. From size and shape to selecting just the right timber for your cladding, down to where you position your power points. We’ll help guide you through your choices to find the perfect solution that suits your needs, your style and your budget.

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Building size and shape

Whether it’s a small office tucked into an awkward corner of the garden, or a gym that’s large enough to hold every piece of training equipment, because we build bespoke we can tailor the size and shape of your garden room to suit your space and needs. 


The materials we use to build our garden rooms are not just hard wearing and practical, but add stylish finishing touches. External cladding can be either composite made from recycled materials. Or sustainably sourced timber including larch, cedar, softwood and oak. Internal floors are laid with either engineered wood, laminate or tiling. While internal walls are plastered and painted or cladded.


Just because your roof is out of sight doesn’t mean it should be out of mind. Alongside the more traditional choices of roofing materials, our green roofs are proving a popular choice. As well as keeping interiors warm and watertight, a green roof is a low maintenance option that looks great and is a big hit with resident garden wildlife. 


Adding carefully placed lighting creates ambient spaces for socialising well into the night, or highly usable workspace suited to the task. Whether it’s for style, safety or security you can combine internal spotlights, external uplighters, roof overhang downlights and wall lights to suit your needs. We can even install solar power lighting for a total off-grid solution.

Heating and insulation

The combination of insulated floors, roofs and walls, with double-glazed doors and windows means our garden rooms offer excellent thermal protection all year round. With electric heating you won’t be reaching for the winter woollies during the colder months.

Kitchen and bathroom facilities

A garden room with a kitchen and/or bathroom is just the thing if you want the convenience of not having to keep nipping to the house to use the facilities. Or if you want to keep certain activities contained to the garden and not brought into the home.

Power & WiFi

Make sure you’ve got enough sockets for powering pc’s, printers, phones, media and kitchen equipment. We’ll ensure your garden room has everything it needs to keep you fully powered. And don’t forget the Wifi. If you’re working from home, gaming or Netflix and chilling, you’ll want Internet connectivity.  

How will you use yours?

Our garden rooms bring valuable extra space, add more convenience and create a better work life balance.

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