10 great ways to use your garden room

27th August 2021
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A garden room might at first appear to be a luxury. But when given a little thought, it’s a useful, practical addition to any home.

Since lockdown, we’ve all realised that our homes are just a little bit tight on space (hands up everyone who’s fed up with working in a corner of the bedroom or being Zoombombed by the family pet).  Expanding your living space into the garden helps to maximise available space by creating a private, purpose-built retreat away from unwanted interruption or intrusion.

With this in mind, we thought we would put together a list of our top 10 uses for a garden room to show how everyone can find a reason to escape their home without even opening the front door.

Top 10 Uses for a Garden Room

1.       Garden Office 

By now, I think it’s safe to say we are all familiar with the term ‘working from home’. But for many of us finding a quiet space without any distractions can often be difficult. If that’s the case, maybe you need to use your garden room as a home office

Data suggests that in 2021, 26% of the workforce had worked from home at some point during the pandemic. That’s almost 8.7 million people. With some people working in the kitchen, in a small study, on the dining room table and potentially even from bed. 

But as the world starts to open again not everyone is rushing back to the office. Many of us have got used to the benefits of a better work life balance that comes with working from home. No more long commutes stuck in endless streams of slow-moving traffic. Less money spent on petrol, train tickets and the many cups of coffee you need to keep you awake. More time to spend with family and friends with the extra cash to do what you enjoy.

With all this in mind, a small office with room for a workspace, storage for files and computer equipment, built in Wi-Fi and lots of natural light and garden views is a perfect use for a garden room.  

2.  Garden Pub 

As we saw all over social media ‘lockdown bars’ became everyone’s DIY project. But when the seasons changed from summer to winter, the lockdown bar was serving silence rather than pints. With an insulated backyard bar, you can still be pulling pints and inviting friends ‘down the pub’ all year round. 

By adding a big screen TV and some comfy seating your garden room is going to be everyone’s favourite local for big sporting events and celebrations. Even better, when the time finally comes for kicking everyone out, you can be the one that says ‘Get outta my pub’ (Peggy Mitchell style).

3.  Garden Gym 

If this another year of gym membership where you’ve only visited a few times a year, then then maybe a home gym is the perfect use for a garden room. I think we can all agree that we’re tired of paying for something that barely gets used. But just like many things in life, we struggle to let go. 

Instead, why not cancel your membership and put the saved membership money to good use with your very own garden gym.  A gym that is a stones throw from your back door, open all hours and stocked with the gym equipment you actually want to use, with no one to share it with.

With some clever planning, and expert help, you can turn an area of your back garden into a fully functioning, potentially even air conditioned, 24/7 gym (in some cases, even add your own toilet facilities). Workout when you want, how you want and with who you want without anyone asking ‘how many sets do you have left?’.  

5.   Garden Spa 

At the end of a long day, a strenuous workout or simply needing some time to switch off and unwind then using your garden room as a mini spa is just what you need.

With a garden spa you can turn your dreams of relaxation into a reality by adding a hot tub, showers and changing room and even your own sauna.  Add a sun deck for extra lounging and planting to create a sense of peace with colours, scents and a water feature for gentle sounds to soothe stressed out minds.

Call in garden room professionals will know how to create a space with the correct foundations using sturdy, reliable and durable materials. 

5.  Relaxation Room 

If juggling the demands of socialising, parenting, and working can sometimes drain you, then a relaxation room tucked into a quiet corner of the garden is the perfect way to recharge empty batteries.

In today’s day and age the importance of relaxation is often neglected. But with mental health being such an important aspect of our daily lives, we really need to look after ourselves. Studies showed that we just need 36 minutes of relaxation a day. Yes, 36 minutes, that’s less than an episode of your favourite series, to help with stress, anxiety and even blood pressure. 

So, whether you want a reading room equipped with comfy seating, relaxing music and your personalised library. Or a calm space for practicing meditation or yoga, your garden room can be a tailor-made quiet space to which you can escape and block out the outside world.

6.   Memorabilia Room 

Have you grown up obsessed with a TV show and need a space to show that passion off? Or are your copious amounts of retro football kits needing some love, TLC and recognition?

Then using a garden room as a space to show off your memorabilia is the perfect idea. Create a space where you can indulge in your favourite things, in moderation of course, as well as escape into your own little world. Without having to worry about your prized possessions getting damaged as insulated walls and additional security will keep them well protected.

7.   Cinema Room 

Lights, camera, action – as we introduce another incredible use for a garden room. Think of the endless movie nights you can enjoy with your own personal converted cinema room. Complete with big screen, surround sound (additional soundproofing is optional) and cinema style seating. Just add your favourite cinema snacks to be transported to infinity and beyond. 

Once you’ve had your first taste of watching a blockbuster movie from the comfort of your home cinema it will leave you wanting more.  As Schwarzenegger once said, ‘I’ll be back’.  

8.   Art Studio 

Coming in at Number 8, another perfect use for a garden room is as an art studio. Let your creativity run wild in a space where mess won’t ruin your day. The natural light can be optimised by having French doors with views of nature that can help unleash your inner artist.

So whether you’re a musician making music, an artist looking to paint, or a potter throwing clay, why not consider creating a bespoke space just for that. So just like Albert Einstein said, creativity is contagious, pass it on. 

9.  Games Room

Want to escape into your own fantasy world, battling villains, fighting away enemies and exploring the unknown without any distractions? Or maybe have a multipurpose games room to tackle every craving from online gaming, to table football, or board game marathons. Then a games room could also be a great use for a garden room. 

Whether you want a dedicated kids space to house all their games and toys, an area for enjoying family games nights together, or a serious gamers pad for multiplayer gaming in a virtual world a garden room can be built to be enjoyed all year round.

10.   Storage 

Last but by certainly no means least, a garden room can act as extra storage space. Think of organised mess only a little less chaotic.

If your hobbies are taking over your house, or you often find yourself misplacing things, then a garden room could help solve that. Collate everything you need in once space; golf clubs, football boots, clothes and so much more. All tucked away, neatly, in your own garden. 

How will you use yours?

Your own personal gym. A peaceful and productive office. Your own pub without any last orders. These are just a few ideas for how you can use your garden room. But most importantly it can be anything you want it to be. A bespoke garden room can be individually tailored to however you (and your family) want to use it. The only limit is your own imagination.

If a garden room sounds like something you need, please get in touch.  Here, at Thames Valley Landscapes, we might be able to turn your dreams into a reality.  

10 great ways to use your garden room

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