Transforming a family garden in Maidenhead

on 16th November 2015

We were recently commissioned to transform a family garden in Maidenhead. The original garden had an unnecessary raised deck in one corner, a large sloping area of grass, cheap concrete paving and a mysterious sunken rectangle with sponge matting that filled up with water every time it rained!

garden in Maidenhead before adding new patio
First things first, the decking had to go. Our helpful customer had even spent a couple of hours on the Sunday, taking some of the decking apart. He got a nasty splinter though, so had to stop! So the decking was demolished, and we squeezed the digger along the narrowest of pathways into the garden. As the highest level of the lawn was reduced, we built a retaining wall from oak sleepers, to allow planting around the borders.

building retaining wall with oak sleepers
As the bottom of the slope was brought to a higher level, we built a small retaining wall from bricks that match the house.

building retaining wall with bricks
The next step was to excavate the appropriate depth to compact scalpings for a firm foundation for the new patio and paths. For a residential patio, 100-150mm is usually sufficient to give a good base to work on, and minimize the risk of sinking and movement over the years.

excavating area for laying patio

installing brick slot draining system for new patio
And of course, drainage is one of the most important aspects of any patio. Here, Tim is installing a brick-slot drainage system. It’s discreet and efficient, much like Tim himself! Without proper drainage, you would end up with a swimming pool rather than a patio.

The next stage is laying the slabs. On this occasion, we used midnight slate paving. At Thames Valley Landscapes, we always lay all our patios on full mortar beds. This may cost a bit more in materials, but it’s the way to do things properly and prolong the lifespan significantly. Be wary of cowboys here… a patio on mortar dabs is not great practice.

midnight slab slate paving laid on mortar bed
So once the patio is down, all that’s left is the finishing touches: Pointing, some shingle channels and, of course, the turfing and planting.

new slate patio

This new slate patio is just one example of how we can smarten up a garden.  If you would like to find out how we can breathe new life into your neglected outside areas, please contact us for a garden landscaping quote.  Call Thames Valley Landscapes on 01628 629720.

Transforming a family garden in Maidenhead

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