At the start of this year we undertook a fantastic sustainability project with the Oakley Court Hotel in Windsor.

This was to extend their existing kitchen garden so that more home grown produce could feature in each of the hotel’s restaurants.  

Starting in January we marked out four quadrants, each of which would hold a range of vegetable and fruit beds. Work was also started on building the foundations for the greenhouse. 

One by one each of the veg beds were built and the greenhouse installed. We then moved on to planting a stock of vegetables, fruit trees and bushes.

By the beginning of April this year, despite some very soggy weather and the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, our team of landscapers completed the new kitchen garden.  A project we are immensely proud to be part of.

  • Planning & Design

  • Greenhouse build

  • Bespoke veg beds

  • Polytunnels

  • Fruit cages & trees

A bumper harvest

In November 2020 we returned to the site to see how it was doing. We were amazed at the variety and quantity of crops the gardeners had achieved in the first few months. Plump squashes, fiery chillies, a surfeit of spuds and lots of veg to see them through the Winter. A huge congratulations to Oakley Court on the bumper harvest.

"Here at Oakley Court we are looking to use as much of our home grown produce as possible in all of our restaurants to enhance our ‘pure’ eating philosophy. The Walled Garden project is phase 2 of making this happen but it’s just a part of our garden to plate journey with much more to come!"
Sean Gleeson MIH,
Managing Director at The Oakley Court Hotel
Oakley Court Hotel Kitchen Garden