Growth Spurts

on 21st April 2015

At this time of year, the garden demands a lot of time and effort, but your hard work can be quickly rewarded. With a usually good combination of rain and sun, the warm and moist conditions bring everything to life and growth is rapid. What can beat the delight of a new flower opening or the sight of butterflies and bees collecting nectar from the centre of colourful petals?

Whether you are passionate about creating a delightful display of blooms, revel in achieving a lawn to match the bowling greens or love to grow your own, late spring is when your time and attention in the garden really begins to reap rewards. After months of relative dormancy, a wealth of new life is shooting up from the ground.

The Green Gym

If you don’t enjoy the gym, running or aerobics classes, the garden can offer a great way to keep fit and toned, especially in late spring. An intensive session every week or two can put your body under a lot of strain and cause problems such as back pain, however a shorter daily stint in the garden can work wonders to get everything in order and keep it well maintained.

With the longer days, the evenings can be the perfect time to get outside. It can offer the ideal way to switch off from the pressures of the day and relieve some of the stresses by channelling your energies into something positive. In addition the fresh air and a little exertion can make it easier to sleep.

Five minutes of daily digging, ten minutes set aside for weeding and a good watering session can be sufficient to stretch your muscles, get your heart pumping and take in a good dose of fresh air. This regular maintenance can also be just what you need to keep your garden in top condition. Add in an evening patrol to remove slugs and snails from vulnerable plants and you give all your borders the chance to really showcase all they have to offer.

If you are enjoying your garden in the daytime, you also start to get the benefits of the warmth on your back. Whilst we have to protect our skin from lengthy exposure to the sun, it is also great for your body to get a good dose of Vitamin D. Our bodies need Vitamin D to absorb calcium, which gives us strong bones and teeth and sunlight is a free source.

So for health and well-being, the exercise, fresh air and sunlight we can get from working and relaxing in our gardens means it deserves the title of a ‘green gym’. No need to sign up for a membership and much easier to motivate ourselves outside. If we grow fruits and vegetables in our gardens we can also gain benefits from the fresh food on our plates through the summer and autumn months.

Landscaping Services

If you want a stunning garden to enjoy, but need a little help with the up-keep and landscaping, Maidenhead based Thames Valley Landscapes / can assist. Our professional team offer an on-going maintenance service to help you keep on top of your lawns, borders and plots, so your garden is a pleasure not a chore.


Growth Spurts

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