Granite Sett Driveway In Temple

on 8th May 2015

We were tasked to transfer this old concrete drive and dated block paved drive near Marlow into something fitting of the beautiful house and location. We have undertaken many drives and patios, but this has to be our biggest yet….


Between the client and ourselves, we decided on a natural stone product using a mix of silver and dark grey granite setts to suit the period of the property. Over 26000 setts (100mm x 100mm|) in total.


The key to this project was preparation. Without laying a thick sub base of compacted type 1, the drive would dip and sink in years to come. Over 150 tonnes of type 1 and sharp sand was used which is a lot of moving!


The project took just over 4 weeks, working through all weather conditions that England has to offer us!


We were extremely pleased with the outcome, as was the client – which is of course the most important thing at the end of the day. Now onto our next project – terracing a sloping garden at the top of Marlow.


Granite Sett Driveway In Temple

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